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Commonalities of the Best Celebrity Exercise Routines

3 April 2018 No Comment


Which of us hasn’t looked at a favorite celebrity and thought, “I wonder how they look so good!” Clearly, genetics and money have a big part of celebrity fitness and wellness, but riches and good looks aren’t everything. Even the best body needs regular upkeep, because even the world’s best plastic surgeons can’t make an unhealthy body seem to radiate health.

There are too many celebrity exercise routines to choose from for a post of this length. So rather than going into detail about the Rock’s workout or the way Jennifer Lopez hits the gym, we’re instead going to distill the most common characteristics of these regimens into some steps that anyone can use.

The Best Aspects of Celebrity Exercise Routines

There are a million different ways that celebrities approach their workout routines. Some follow fads, others have large personal training teams – but no celebrity can get a great body without following the timeless methods of health and wellness all fit celebrities look to. Here are some of the most essential:

  • Rest. Many wouldn’t consider rest and sleep as an integral part of fitness, but it is actually one of the most essential. Even if you are someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger who sleeps only 6 hours a night, nonetheless view those hours as absolutely essential. The body needs sleep to recover from grueling workout regimens. However, once fitness is achieved, you may find that you need less sleep than you needed before you got fit, a reality Arnold has likely been enjoying for decades.
  • Food and Hydration. The foods you eat are the building blocks for the body. Choosing healthy foods, from quality sources, gives your body the raw materials necessary to make your exercise pay off. If you read about the Dwayne Johnson’s regimen, you have seen how important lots of healthy food is for his physique. Give your body the best, and it will respond.
  • The Fundamentals. Many celebs target specific muscle groups in granular detail, but if you’re just starting out, you can’t begin at that level. Instead, focus on your core, a region that no celeb who exercises ever neglects. Planks and crunches are a great place to start. Push-ups work your arms, shoulders, and chest – giving you much of the work you need from a single movement. Finally, squats will work your butt and legs. These exercises alone are a great place to start, and are part of pretty much all celebrity exercise routines.
  • Routine. Another commonality to all celebrity exercise routines is: the “routine” part. If you start out on a fitness journey only to give up after a few steps, there’s little wonder why you aren’t achieving the same results of your favorite famous people. Even moderate exercise practices regularly will give better results than rigorous work done for only a month or two. Start with exercises you can handle, and keep it up until you’re ready to build to something like celebrities who have been working out for decades.
  • Drive. Celebrities have a very tangible reason to pursue fitness: their bodies are how they make their living. Looking good and being strong is part of the deal. You may not depend on your body for money, but you do depend on it for feeling good, being well, and integrating into society. Don’t neglect your body because you feel like “you have no reason to”. Everybody feels and does better when they are healthy and feeling their best. No matter who you are, you are no exception.

Celebrity Fitness routines differ in some of their details, but in general, ascribe to the steps we’ve described above. Try these out for yourself, and you’ll be working out like a celebrity, even if you have yet to win that Oscar.

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