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It could be your little angel next

20 February 2014 No Comment

Child rape..

I have never blogged or followed a blog but since sometime i have wanted to start blogging to make myself heard I guess. Too much panting up inside me. 
Frankly speaking I don’t know how this works and though I’ve written a lot to post but haven’t done it yet. Its always the first line that doesn’t come to my mind. I used to be a bookworm once upon a time and the starting chapter used to decide if I would like the book or not.

Oh well my saved blogs can come later..

For a long time whenever you watch the news channels there is some breaking news that makes you wonder what Pakistan has turned into.

The same happened today morning when I switched on the TV to divert my mind from my troubled world. I was greeted with this extra loud female host telling us gory details of a 7 year old “masoom bachi ziadti ka shikar!”, What’s going on?!!

5 year old Sumbul raped, 10 year old kid from Faisalabad raped, 7 year old girl in Karachi raped, 13 year old girl kidnapped taken to Lahore and raped later on sold!

The list goes on.

Every time you switch on the TV there is some little “bachi ziadti ka shikar” with a dramatic music playing in the background!

Who are these animals? In fact I’m sorry I am insulting animals by comparing them to these beasts who have no mercy or fear of Allah when they rape little babies! 
I do not understand why the earth doesn’t split open or the sky doesn’t fall apart.

The huge crowd of millions of Pakistanis watch the news and turn a blind eye and conveniently play deaf! Later ask each other “uss bachi k case ka kia hua?”

Lanat hai humare qoum k mardon pe!
 Apne liay tou awaz nae utha sakte abb masoom farishton ko barbad hotay huay bhi dekhte hain! 
Actually we are so occupied in shia sunni fasadats and mahajir sindhi pathan baloch killings that no one bothers about this.
 Does anyone realize it can b your little angel next?

The great media that we have, shows such news every few minutes! They have little dramas with actors to show how it all happened.
 Why are they promoting this sickness in men? Do you want the others to get ideas so the ones who haven’t thought about it also get the courage of coming out and ruining a little babies life mentally and physically?

It’s a humble request Can u stop showing it on the God forsaken channels! Its not something to be proud of! This is why majority Pakistanis want to move out of Pakistan.
There’s like a race in the media kon pehle apne programme mei dikhayega ke bachi “ziadti ka shikar hui!”

I would like to know how is this going to solve such issues. By showing a little baby half dead or her family crying is it going to stop these beasts from doing such things?

What a disgust you people are! Minting money by showing the world how sick and disgraceful we Pakistanis are!

Why can’t you stick to your boring talk shows which again won’t solve any issues because no one hears the other? they are barking away at each other at the same time but at least it won’t tell the world how some Pakistani men are child rapists!

Doob marne ka maqaam hai. itni beghairat behis qoum !!! Afsos hai k mai bhi iss murda zameer qoum se hoon.

Author : Beeayykay.

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