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Two sides of the same coin: Mars and Earth

22 January 2013 No Comment



Mars, very long time ago wasn’t a barren rocky planet that it is today. New evidence is being collected by satellites and rovers which indicate that billions of years ago, the Red Planet had oceans, lakes and a brilliant atmosphere. It could have supported life. All the water and signs of life are gone now, but Mars seems to look like earth some billion years ago.

The latest images captured were very beautiful and Mars have been recreated as it was some billion years ago. The photos are the assumption of the artist and merely a scientific approximation. The photos have been made picturesque by oceans, mountains and valleys. There are deserts and forests as well. There is no concrete evidence behind these photos but if it’s true, it could have just like Earth before. Also, at the equator, there is a lot of volcanic activity, so surrounding areas can’t be green.

The photos show the Olympus Mons of the left and Tharsis Montes volcanoes in the middle. The Valles Marineris canyons are at the center. The huge ocean could have covered half the planet.

New evidence supports claim

The evidence is growing that Mars was once a very hospitable planet. It had a wet climate. The spaceship Curiosity went to Rock nest, where the place was a huge riverbed back then. The images from Mars planet have revealed that it had oceanic coastlines, gullies and river deltas. Mars had a thicker atmosphere that is for sure. The Red Planet doesn’t has a powerful magnetic field to deflect solar winds, it has become a burnt out soon enough. The atmosphere has been burnt away.

The main question remains, whether Mars had life forms or not. Ancient Mars does have irrefutable evidence that Mars supported life once. It had water and an atmosphere. So far, the lack of evidence thereof is unnerving. But Curiosity is on the mission for taking evidence in the next consequent years.

The photos are a good approximation of how the Red Planet would have looked life some billion years ago. The livelier and full of life Mars was once a very hospitable and green planet. That was the case until repeated solar winds destroyed the atmosphere and then the planet.

Information about Mars

The atmosphere of the Red plant is thin and that means that water cannot exist on the Martian surface. The Red Planet is just half the diameter of Earth; it has the same amount of dry land available.

The Red Planet has the deepest and the longest valley. It also has the highest mountain in the solar system called Olympus Mons. In diameter, it is 600 kilometers. It is wide enough to cover New Mexico.

It is 27 kilometers high. It is three times as tall as Mount Everest. The Valles Marineris is a system of valley, which was found in 1971. They are ten kilometers deep. Also, it runs for east and west for 4000 kilometers.

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