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How to avoid deadly accidents

2 January 2013 No Comment

Car Accident

Car Accident

B.R.A.K.E.S is a nonprofit teen driving school. It was established by drag racing champion Doug Herbert. His two sons had died in a car accident, which could have been prevented. This article focuses on essential techniques to avoid a potential car accident.

This article was quite popular on Yahoo Autos in 2012.

1: Use the car brakes

People don’t realize the amazing capability of antilock braking system. Most drivers are not comfortable in pushing a car to the maximum limit. But if a person has learned the full on antilock braking system, you can avoid a deadly obstacle.

Stomp hard on the brakes. Then, stay on the brakes for a while. Ignore the resulting sounds from the brakes.

Steer around the hurdle. The antilock braking system allows turning while braking. It’s a skill, which takes years to develop. One mistake, drivers make is that drivers turn the wheel excessively and release the brakes.

2: Calm and quiet

The most common highway accidents are caused due to drivers jerking the car back in their lane, subsequent to the side road. It is common on rural two lanes. These deaths and accidents can be avoided. There is no need to pull back the car back into the lane. The tires of the car have nice traction. So the next time, this happens, just remain calm. Ease the accelerator and look for a safe place to return. Now gently, move the traffic into the traffic slowly and gradually.

3: Forget ten and two: Use thumb hangers

This is a real life incident. A traffic policeman was driving his car with his left hand at 12 o clock. In the right hand, he had a cellphone. He smashed a car later. The policeman was distracted and thus the airbags were deployed. The left hand came crashing back and broke his front teeth.

Now, never drive with the hand at twelve o clock. The ten and two position was considered as wise and correct. It is no longer correct. The latest position is 9 and 3. The Italian 8 and 4 is also logical.

Most modern steering wheels do have thumb hangers. They put your hands naturally at 9 and 3. So, if airbags are deployed, then you won’t punch yourself. Airbags are deployed at 14 miles per hour.

Reacting needs training

The most seasoned and cautious of drivers can face a tough and challenging situation. In case, prior training is necessary.

At BRAKES exercise, there is a course, where a single road opens into three lanes. Then, it becomes one again. There are no cars on the road at B.R.A.K.E.S, they are trained to imagine cars. If a person behind the wheel stops the car in the middle of the road, and two cars are following behind, then one will shift to the right side and other will shift to the left side.

But the reaction time is too short. It doesn’t happen.

Even the most seasoned drivers will smash the car in front of them. They were not prepared for this. The thinking and reacting time is short. That is why; this technique should be practiced and rehearsed to perfection.

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