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How to hypnotize yourself

27 October 2012 No Comment



If you are into movies, then you must have seen hypnotism many times already. Usually the guy is a villain and mind controlling the population. But, that is an incorrect interpretation of hypnotism.

Hypnotism is not that mysterious and dark but on the contrary, it’s safe. Hypnosis is secure and only helps in relaxing for people, who have stress problems. It assures calm and peaceful mind.

Hypnosis is misunderstood

Hypnosis is the field of science, which is termed dangerous and dark by people. Here is some clarification about hypnotism:

1: You are wide awake

2: You are in your senses

3: You are not under someone’s spell

4: You can deny an action

Hypnosis is nothing, but a state in which you are deeply focused. It helps in taking suggestions seriously and makes a person open to suggestions.

Certain people are vulnerable to hypnosis and for hypnosis to be effective, take a non-critical point of view. Do not work against the process. Take it with you. Make way for hypnosis. Being skeptical is counterproductive.

You are hypnotized most of the time

You have been involved in a hypnotic trance before. You just don’t know it. Every person slips in and out of the hypnotic trances numerous times.

1: You are driving a car or a bike and suddenly you realize that you were not paying attention.

2: You were watching the movie transfixed to the screen and didn’t realize people had already left.

3: You were in deep thinking and lost track of time. How did time move so fast?

The bottom line is that, you were in a trance in the above mentioned points.

The power of hypnotism

When you are in hypnotism, you are in another mental state. You are in the driving seat and wide awake, but your attention is optimum and maximum. You can take in any suggestion, you might come across. The subconscious has a shortcut. There could be many suggestions. It depends on the person.

Light hypnotism

You can induce light hypnosis in numerous ways and a hanging watch can work. For reducing tension and stress, read the following piece below:

1: Sit in a comfortable room in a quiet place and let no one disturb you.

2: Lighten up and try to be cozy and comfortable.

3: Focus on one object in the room.

4: The object must be concrete and could be anything. Just focus on it.

5: Say this; my eyes are getting heavier and heavier. They are getting heavy. They will shut down anytime now.

6: Say this again and again.

7: Focus on the eyes.



8: After a certain period of time, you will notice your eyes becoming heavy and it increases. Let them happen. The eyes will close themselves.

9: When the eyes close, say relax.

10: Hold your breath for ten seconds and take a deep breath.

11: Take a slow swooshing sound through your mouth.

Continue to breathe slowly and let the calming wave fall upon you. Let the relaxation feeling linger on you.

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