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Telebrand’s Air Lounge

9 September 2009 21,937 views 74 Comments
Telebrand’s Air Lounge

Telebrand’s Air Lounge

When we first thought to buy sofa cum bed, we decided to check Air Lounge because of it being handy, easy to use, less expensive, etc, we were almost about to buy it, but then I thought why not check its review on google.com ?

And for me it was very disappointing to read the experiences people had with Air Lounge; let me share them with you:

vivekiny2k on team-bhp forum tells:

A few hours on a bag filled with air and all your muscles will be paining. Reason being, it keeps shifting the weight and body, keeps adjusting to it.

Gursher on consumercomplaints tells:


Sorry for the caps, but that is how Gursher has written, it clearly shows Gursher’s anger lol

V.K Sharma on consumercomplaints tells:

I had the misfortune of buying 5 in 1 sofabed from Telebrands. The air is leaking and Customer Care is absolutely rude, non-cooperative and useless. Despite my explaining the problem they insist hat I have to send the product back. Prior to this I had lodged a complaint that I had not received the instructions manual. I have not received anything despite lapse of more than a week.
The problem is that I am required to send the product back for repair. This being a heavy item I have to pay heavily and am not sure that the product that I receive back will be usable. When the initial delivery itself is defective what is the certainty that the repair will be propwer. The most interesting Part is taht the day I received the product I received a call from the courier that I can send back the product through him. This gives me an impression that the complaint is routine and people are normally required to send back the productas for repair.

I couldn’t stop laughing on the above comment

Harish on consumercomplaints tells:

I am an owner of an Air Lounge for the last four months. I found 2 days ago that the same has a damage with the stitch of one of the columns and so it is bulging out because of which it cannot be used. I called up the customer care and they told me they can replace it free only if the damage is in the first month after delivery. To replace it now, I have to pay them 2800 Rupees !!!
I cannot find the rules of replacement published anywhere and they say the rules are only told to the customer over phone during the placing of the order. I was not told anyway of this particular condition of replacement at the time of ordering. I can see this only as cheating the customer who gets attracted to their products seeing their advertisements, and pay a relatively bigger amount for their products hoping the products are long-lasting and reliable.

Wooooops! There are so many reviews, bad reviews I must say about Telebrand’s Air Lounge available on many websites…, but Thank God, these reviews saved me from wasting money.

Thank you Google, Thank you reviewers :P Google is blessing!

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  • Tippu Sultan said:

    I was also interested in getting one-above.

    Thanks to those who share their experience and save my money.

    I believe that we should avoid TV or/ tele products. Nothing but wastage of money.

  • Kumar said:

    Thanks guys for sharing ur experiences. I saved my money too – Thanks to google to have helped study the reviews before purchasing it.
    Don’t buy something that isn’t seen, touched, experienced or had a feel of it.

  • Arun said:

    Thankyou all for your correct reviews, it surely does not match with the reviews of users in the ad.
    Your reviews helped me escape the trap I was about to fall into.
    Thanks again.

  • NSR said:

    i just say very Thank you all to share your experiences about that product, save my money as well and thanks google provide this junction….



  • mrs ali said:

    thnks for writing about the product.i just want to place order but just checked this page.i am really thankful

  • Sanjay said:

    Air Lounge is a HORRIBLE product and will make you feel GUILTY on your decision all the time. Products you see on TV promo are simple CHEAT. Unfortunately I didn’t go through the reviews before I ordered one (my biggest mistake). The product gone bad in just one hour.
    Customer care who told that the product has lifetime replacement warranty at the call to place order now tells me that I need to pay 2500 to get it replaced. Because its a PAID LIFETIME WARRANTY (wow they developed new kind of warranty of their own).
    No help from them. Simply refused to refund or replace.

  • George said:

    Thanx for the review .. im not goin to get this product …
    Thanx again for the warning …

  • Atif said:

    I m also very thankful to the reviewers that they make me stop to order the product. Thanks

  • Kalpesh Yadav said:

    Thanks a lot for your reviews and i feel happy that I read all this before i buy this horrible product.

  • prakash said:

    thanks to all reviewers and google to save my money.i was also willing to the airlounge by seeing the ad on tv.now i understood only make us fool.government should ban these products.

  • behnam khan said:

    today i was about to buy it and was just searching net, but i am very happy by you ppl to gives ur comments i safed my money to becz of you ppl,,,
    thxs all of u

  • Sajid Ghouri said:

    I was also going to purchase this cheat, lolz. But thanks God I saw this forum before in time.

    Thank you everybody for your comments.

  • Tele-Brands said:

    Thank you for giving details on what direct response TV can do for a new product. This one benefits those who need another seat during a get-together when all the others in the area are taken. Good read.

  • paras said:

    thank you to all the good people who have shared their experiences n saved me n other people from telebrands..Now i understood their punchline, (Choose wisely,live well). Thanks to u people to make me choose wisely n live well.

  • Raheel Haroon said:

    Thank u guyz..

    u just save my money.. I also want to buy this product.. but thanks to my ALLAH tht he give me searching time for this product.. itx totally useless after reading this type of reviews,,

  • Sashi said:

    Hi Guys, thanks for saving my money. Me and my wife were discussing about this product and are just going to buy. Before ordering, i thought i will check for review and found it all the way nasty. Your reviews are more valuable and thanks for the same.

  • Anup said:

    Hi Guys,

    I was also about to order one today, thanks for your feedback.

    The most shocking feedback was that the courier company’s call to the client, informing him abt he/she can send it back usnig the same courier!!!!!!!!

    I won’t purchase it now.


    Hi Friends, thanks for saving my money. Me and my wife were discussing about this product and are just going to buy tomorrow. Before ordering, i thought i have to check for review and found it all the way nasty. Your reviews are more valuable and thanks for the same.

    Thanks All Of You

  • prem said:

    I am an owner of an Air Lounge. The man who came for delivery said don’t put more air on it otherwise the stitch of one of the columns will remove and it will start bulging out and then it cannot be used. and for replacment, I have to pay them courier charges plus some extra amount!!!
    so please tell what are precautionary measure has to be taken to handle it properly for long-lasting . because now i feel that i am being cheted let’s see. payment i have made so please telll me how to handle it properly for long-lasting .

  • qas ray said:

    i was also plannig tou buy this air lounge bt thanx tu those people who helped me in telling disadvantages of thiis bed and money is also safe.

  • rina said:

    woooooooooops im not gona buy thx guyz

  • Masood said:

    Thought of ordering once, thanks to all for sharing reviews and saving my time and money – strange there is not a single +ve review for this product 

  • Zehra said:

    Thanks to all those who shared their experince ….saved my money

  • Selvakumar said:

    Thank you all who has shared there bitter exp with the site

    Can we take any action in customer court if any pls advice

  • tuhin said:

    thanks i was suppose to buy today
    thanks again…..

  • rathoo said:

    Hi, I too very seriously plan to go for this Air Lounge after read all the ex users detail i drop the idea. I am still questioned why other reputed showroom or furniture malls are not dealing such product? that means the product is not worthy or good. Thank u

  • Shaw said:

    Thank you guys as i was just about to invest on a pathetically useless product as shown on TV it is not even 1% of that.Unfortunately i called them on their numbers the agent from the very beginning was eager asking for the credit card numbers without giving me any details about the product then i became skeptical that why is he in a hurry i thought lets order it i gave him my name and address again in between that agent was buggingly asking for the card details i gave him 4 number of my card then changed my mind and disconnected the call thinking i will have look at the internet about the reviews for the same and today i can see on each and every website that this product sucks thanks to all the reviews i have gone through.

    Telebrands Sucks.

  • Prasanth said:

    Thank you all for sharing. I was about to give the order…

  • Muhammad Ali said:

    I have almost finalized to purchase Air longe. But Thanks for all of guys to save me to but these third class telebrand product.

  • Kevin said:

    Thanks Guys !! I was about to get one of those,Perhaps i experienced once before,But i thought this could be a better one from them,But by seeing your response it shows they still remains the same!!

    My kind suggestions ” Please ever never purchase or think about ordering through them “these fakers will exploit us” !!

    I ordered a 5.1 Speaker from them Hoping i did a brilliant move,But once i get the product i came to know it was a 5.1 inch Speaker not a 5.1 Speaker “LOL”
    I was not the one who attend the delivery since my family doesn’t know it,They accept the delivery “That’s a very sad story ”

    I want to do some thing against them CAN ANYONE GIVE ME LEGAL SUGGESTIONS !!

  • Sib said:

    I order buy Air Lounge but the main probleum is air cannot still in sofa after few hours it became like pancher Tier.

  • Kamruzzaman said:

    Thanks every body i just going to buy a new air lounge 5.1 sofa today but after read those comments, now i am stop to buy this. thanks again every body for sharing your experience.
    Munna -
    01816 536839
    DHaka, Bangladesh.

  • Shahbaz Malik said:

    O thanks God and thanks to all the people who shared their experiance that save me from this this bad deceision of buyer this bull shit. i was just going to purchase.

  • Shahbaz Malik said:

    i used many products of telebrands like. hair grow, scalp mad, magic pen, yuko hight. its all about the wastage of money so please avoid to buy these products of telebrands. their adds are just fake. really.

  • Khan said:

    i was just about to order 10 pieces.. now after reading ur comments i have changed my mind.. u saved my 70k. i wanna give the prize to the ppl who mentioned their reviews abt this product. kindly email me ur bank a/c numbers so i can deposit the prize money in ur a/c thanks..

  • Azeez said:

    Thanks all the guys who put their review to help us out. I was about to make the move but thanks to.
    You I am safe ….

  • Rajesh said:

    thank you. i thought to purchase 5 IN 1 SOFA BED. now i decided, not to purchase it.


  • Freak said:

    Thanks for the honest reviews people! you guys saved me from all the hassles that i could have gone through after purchasing this product.

  • priya said:

    these tv shows has to be ban…………fully……..with penality…………

  • SAI said:

    Thanx for ur reviews… It saved me a lot of Money.

  • SAI said:

    Thanx for ur reviews… It saved me a lot of Money.

  • Hussain said:


  • AM said:

    I bought this product. While overall I find it to be OK, i have the following 2 issues :

    1. The air keeps reducing everyday, so irrespective of what they say in the ad, you HAVE to fill air everyday for about a couple of minutes(If I fill it with air in the night and sleep on it, by morning it becomes much softer)

    2. Its good as a bed and recliner, but as a sofa, it sucks because the moment you sit, the backside support keeps jutting forward giving a very uncomfortable feeling.

    Other than these 2 points, I find it quite useful

  • Ken said:

    I was just finished investing money and was thinking to buy this..THANKS to all the people,i saved my money..It took me over months to collect this money from my parents and other people :3 thanks everyone..

  • Arvind Kumar Singh said:

    I am also a proud owner of a defective air lounge I recieved yesterday, it cannot take weight of more than probably 100 Kgs as one of the columns stich on back of the sofa came off and all the air leaked out, the strech of coloumn opening increased on next filling of air, its then we came to know. A weak product not fit to take a 100 kg weight, they show four persons jumping on TV a truck passing over, after filling air if you step on it you will touch ground, if you overfill it will bulge in the centre. The product may be good for small children, not for adults. Replacement policy is time consuming and contacting the support has horrible experience. They donot collect the defective products and expect you to send it back through registered post, god only knows if they send the product back to you or again they may send you another defective product and the vicious cycle will continue till you give up. They must be doing this cheating business. Once you give up the same piece would be delivered to another fool like me who doesnot check the reviews before ordering the products from TELEBRANDS…My sugestion is to keep out, rest is on you…every one likes learning from their own experience….BAD PRODUCT, BAD REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE, BAD SUSTOMER SUPPORT…Instead of saving time you get into wasting time, gives lot of mental agony and pain from the feeling of beeing cheated and fooled.,

  • Tanweer said:

    I was going to place the order. Thanx to all for saving my money

  • SK SInha said:

    OMG.. I placed an order for this product but now i will call the customer care and cancel it.. Thank God, I used the Cash on Delivery payment option..

  • ELIZA said:


  • samina said:

    Thanku so much frds….. Bt I really very depressed by reading ur experience as I wanted to buy one for my house.. Bt thankgod I have nt waisted my money….. Do ul know anybody other company who supplies the same product bt better than dis one

  • sumeet said:

    I m also owner of this product…whein i got it and try to use..air pump was damaged…saala mud kharab ..aaj ek mahina ho gya pump replacement k liye bheje..aaj tk nhi aya..i was made cheated by telebrabd..beware

  • AJIT said:

    Thanks a lot all of you, because i have decided to purchase it. but when i view this page through google i realised that i save my money,thanks my all comment provider friends and thanks google.



  • shyam said:

    thanks a lot for all of you for sharing your experience and also for saving my money…

  • rana said:

    this barnd is just fraud after paying money i recieved just sofa but accesseries and now company is totally avoiding me and not giving parts i had been tiredsome to call consistantly so i decided that this is a modern style of fraud nothing else

  • Ashish sak said:

    hi n thanks to all

    i really made my mind to purchase the product but now i have decided to check it in outlet and now i am not sue bout bying it till the time i find something exceptionally good thanks for your valueable reviews will not purchase anything bljndfolded

    Ashish sak

  • saurabh said:

    THank god !i was about to shift at a new place and i thought ,,why should i carry the beddings and purchase a bed there when telebrand 5in 1 is there..and then i searched for reviews column on site but how could they have given an option of reviews..Google rocks ,,it saves me each every time someone wanna cheat us ..THanks ,,i will rather sleep on foams on floor than to waste my money on this silly billy thing.

  • gaurav said:

    Thanks a lott
    unbelievable stuff
    I was so madly interested in buying it, since I saw that tv add.
    I have so many times got duped by other online transactions.
    That was the reason I was reluctant this time.
    really appreciate your help. :(

  • spider said:

    tele brands is good brand

  • Sohni said:

    OMG.. really disappointed by telebrands.. Anyways thanks a bunch everyone… i was in love with this fake product… :( now I will never even think of buying any product from this brand…

  • affy said:

    I m very happy after read these msg. Now I think, I will distribute my saved money to all of u guys.

    saved money = Rs. 5999
    Common distribute

  • ghouse said:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, i was about to buy the product……Taking your precious time to write the comments about the air lounge sofa is saved our money…. thanks once again… you people are really great…..

  • Amit said:

    Sir, I have received an air sofa bed just before 15 days. I will really say it is good but the service is very bad. The tele shopping service is very bad. So I will suggest all the viewers PLEASE AVOID/ DO NOT USE TELESHOPPING as the service is very bad. Even customer care dose not talk properly when you call them for any defect of their brand.

  • dhruv said:

    thanks guys

  • Joaquin Millberg said:

    Sofa beds are really nice, i always buy them to be used at home and i always enjoys resting on theme. *”:`*

  • Farooq Khan said:

    Thank you all for sharing. I am saved.

    M. Farooq Khan.

  • Ravi said:

    I recently bought this TELEBRAND sofa cum recliner… and which i regret deeply. I would’ve been happy if it’s broken the first day itself so that i could’ve forgotten.. but it is killing me and make me feel the pain for every paise spent and it is still going on and on…
    There are holes opening up everyday and the more i try to fix it the more annoying it makes me. The Ad shown on the TV is now explained. I was wondering why would anyone want to drag their inflated recliner’s behind their trunk’s and they had to do it just to mislead people and they don’t have to think about patching-up the hole problems until they face it!
    They are successful in duping people, i should say with their witty ad.
    I strongly advise people, If you book this sub-standard telebrand sofa cum recliner cum bed, make sure you have a strong alternatives booked along coz this would undoubtedly piss you off.
    The worst and the best part of this fraud is these besotted freaking clowns doesn't even have PATENT and waiting for one...(may be once they've got enough money from their sordid bewildering escapade)

  • RAMPUIA said:

    decided to buy one too but after reading all the feed back i deciced not to go for it Thanks a lot for the tips and comment i had gone through

  • ecommerce website design said:

    Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a stuff! present here at this blog, thanks admin of this web site.

  • danish said:

    Wow, ws jus bot to order this piece of junk. After readin all your reviews bot it m thankful I didnt do it. Thankyou ya’al.

  • short term loans said:

    I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been working with? I’m having some small security problems with my latest website
    and I would like to find something more safeguarded.
    Do you have any solutions?

  • Avaneesh said:

    Thanks a million for these posts guys. Really appreciate you all for such a noble thing you’ve done(Saving money). I was also planning to buy one and I always thought that it would enhance the beauty of my living room but after going through all your responses I’ve decided not just not buying it but will also share it with all my friends that one should never trust products from TELEBRANDS or ANY OTHER SHITY BRAND ADVERTISING their products ON TV. All of them fake idiots, A****holes. Loosers. They don’t have guts to face us over the call or face to face. I really want to Bash them if I get a chance en make them understand the pain one suffers after we get SHIT for the value of MONEY we pay them.

  • how to seduce anygirl said:

    this is my first time of visiting your site. with such a great post
    i will surely comeback hopefully you will not disappoint :)

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    Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be
    running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with
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    get the problem resolved soon. Kudos

  • omar s said:

    Love the way you write, and a very helpful ‘review’, if one can call it that. I was tilting towards getting one of these, but fortunately ran into this page. Thanks for saving me time and money -)

  • mobile phone pakistan said:

    nice post

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